Beatrice Warde and a Thinkers Goblet

Beatrice Warde most likely during her time at Colombia University.

Beatrice Warde most likely during her time at Colombia University.

So I just readThe Crystal Goblet by Beatrice Warde.

Look it up Designers and READ it! HERE

Beatrice metaphorically presents her argument for how type should be utalized. She compares type to the chalice used when drinking a fine wine. Shall the goblet be made of crystal, revealing its color, and allowing the taster to truly taste. Or, does one choose an ornate victorian gold goblet to parade their drinking of fine wine in front of others. What function does the chalice truly serve.

I believe there is a time an place for both. I strive to fall somewhere in-between the fine artist drinking from the diamond entrusted, gold filigree, ornate, life of the party goblet, but also to be the thinker, admiring the texture, the age, the story and the smallest of flavors to the wine. I wish to feel and think.

I leave you with a final thought from The Crystal Goblet.

I once was talking to a man who designed a very pleasing advertising type which undoubtedly all of you have used. I said something about what artists think about a certain problem, and he replied with a beautiful gesture: ‘Ah, madam, we artists do not think—-we feel!’ That same day I quoted that remark to another designer of my acquaintance, and he, being less poetically inclined, murmured: ‘I’m not feeling very well today, I think!’ He was right, he did think; he was the thinking sort; and that is why he is not so good a painter, and to my mind ten times better as a typographer and type designer than the man who instinctively avoided anything as coherent as a reason.
— "The Crystal Goblet, or Printing Should Be Invisible" by Beatrice Warde, London 1934