Sean Tulgetske : Lettering Artist

Sean Tulgetske (two•jet•skis) is a illustrator and graphic artist from Michigan USA. 

It's great to see young guys mastering an old craft. Much like Jon Contino Sean is inspired by Americana and era where hand made was the only way things were made.

I admire Sean's work ethic, he writes in his about me section, "Hard work doesn't scare me and I'm always trying to learn something along the way." As I am getting older and I am slowing learning what I want to do with my career I admire people that are willing to put in the hours, have the perseverance to stay the course, and put themselves out in the world. 

Sean wants to inspire those that like his work, and if he reads this, that is exactly what he is doing.

Hoan in Your Design Skills

Now that I have graduated college I am beginning to feel that my day's are being wasted away working day jobs, and not getting projects and work that lead me to where I want to be. I always wanted to take classes on such topics as Hand Lettering, and Calligraphy, but they are either too expensive, or difficult to find. I recently found and I am blown away with clarity, professionalism and top quality classes that are available. For $20 I can learn how to create a beautiful logo type, or a strong brand mark. For another $25 I can have someone teach me her techniques for making a new and written font or illustration. Here are a list of classes that are currently in my shopping cart. 

Logo Design Fundamentals: Simple and Solid Brand Marks

Logo Design: Let the Type Do the Talking

Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy (Calligraphy I)

Techniques for Lettering with Illustrator

Makr - Lost Craftsmen, Found

Makr is a Florida based hand crafted goods design and manufacturing company. They're design and production of such goods as backpacks, wallets, bar stools, and even skateboard decks is unprecedented, but most of the people there seem like genuine gentlemen and ladies. I have been lusting over their products and website for the past few years and cannot wait to get my hands on some of their stuff. All items are modern in nature, but also nod to classic american leather and wood sculpting and stitching. Please enjoy this video produced by wonderful people at the blog Grain and Gram.